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The Road to Recovery: How Breaking My Wrist Changed My Perspective

Pamela Land

Breaking my wrist has been a wake-up call! My wrist injury has affected my ability to cook meals and dress - it's been quite depressing as well as painful.

Although my injury occurred in February, I had already been experiencing increased pain in my neck and shoulders since late December. My GP suggested that it may be due to a trapped nerve. To help alleviate some of the discomfort, I began receiving regular massages. However, I soon discovered that as a side sleeper, this habit was contributing to my neck pain. Now that my left arm is in a cast, I have had to learn to sleep on my back. It has been challenging, but I try to count sheep until I finally drift off to sleep!

I have some good news to share. The plaster cast will be removed by the end of March. After that, I plan to start doing daily physiotherapy to regain the use of my hand. I prefer typing my blogs using the keyboard rather than using voice-activated software. I am old school in that way!

So here is my list of self-care activities that I am going to adopt going forward and once I'm out of the plaster cast:

  • I am making yoga and exercise a top priority! Regular therapeutic massage is up there, too.

  • Last year, I made some changes to my diet, which have increased my energy levels. Less sugar in my diet has also helped, as I have a sweet tooth.

  • Running a business has its plus sides, but there is also a never-ending to-do list. My Goal: Get outside more and take more holidays!

  • Be kind to myself and admit that I am doing my best. I'm never going to get everything right, but I am trying!! 😊

Once the cast is removed in a few weeks, I will diligently work on my physiotherapy and get back to doing things for myself. Although I wish I could have avoided the excruciating pain of a broken wrist, I am genuinely grateful for the support of my husband, daughter, other family members, friends and customers. I have received vitamins, hampers, protective sleeves to use over my cast when I shower, and so much help running my business. I feel loved and supported.

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