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Welcome to my Beauty & Wellbeing Blog

Our blog promotes natural beauty and well-being tips for the Pro Age Woman and discusses the benefits of natural, organic and vegan personal care products, plus wellness & self-care tips for good health.

My Story

I'm an Optimist

I always approach the day with a positive mindset. It means I'm better equipped to handle life's ups and downs. I'm naturally enthusiastic and happy but have a low mood when I take on too much and let myself become overwhelmed by my business and personal commitments. By training myself to always look for and expect the best, I often find this happens.


I'm a Pro-Age woman

I embrace each decade. At this stage of my life, one of the keys to living well as a woman is to be compassionate with me. If I do this, all sorts of other things fall into place – I allow myself to ask for help and turn to family and friends when needed. I allow myself to rest and recharge. I look in the mirror and acknowledge and accept my face, even when I notice the wrinkles and crepey skin. A smile and lipstick can melt away the years.


I'm Living Well

After decades of working to understand my health, I realised that wellness is more than a balanced diet. Gut health, microbiomes, micro-nutrient-dense foods, and a predominantly plant-based diet are all critical, but self-care, rest and exercise all play their part in my overall well-being. 


For me, taking time out for meditation and relaxation is essential. I go for a walk every day unless it's teeming with rain. Being in nature is vital for my well-being, both physically and mentally. 

"If there is no stillness, there is no silence. If there is no silence, there is no insight. Without insight, there is no clarity" – Tenzin Priyadarshi.


I'm Grateful

I've been a single Mum and struggled emotionally and financially - my work ethic (working more than one job at a time) has allowed me to achieve my dreams. I'm grateful for all my fantastic family's support, love and encouragement.

Pamela X


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. If you want to collaborate here or on my Live Well site, please get in touch.

WhatsApp 07776 087889

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