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Fashion over fifty - it's all about style!

I'm a pro-age woman and consider I'm lucky to be the age I am now (67), remember the 1950's when young girls dressed like children until they were old enough to dress like their mothers!

I was a small child in the 1950s and drawn to the glamour of actresses that appeared in old Hollywood films. They epitomized true feminity with nipped-in waists and full skirts to emphasize the figure. Audrey Hepburn became a style icon for most of us, but there were many rules about what was deemed suitable and at what age you should or could wear a particular style.

Then in the 1960s, when I was a teen, there was a style revolution - mini skirts, fantastic eye makeup, BIBA & Mary Quant (she invented the mini skirt). Cool haircuts and false eyelashes.

It was the era of lots of colours, wet look plastic for coats and boots and enough eyeliner to make your Mother throw up her hands in horror - it was time to break all the rules - we no longer wanted to dress like our Mothers!

Whist I was heavily influenced by late 60's and 70's fashion and of course Twiggy! I eventually found my style. Clothes made me feel good, flattered my good points, and helped mask the not-so-good ones. Bold, colourful clothes gave me self-confidence.

With the lockdowns, social distancing, and face masks, I've stuck to comfy leggings/ joggers and sweatshirts and not bothered much with hair, makeup, or fashion. I've spent the last 18 months writing about my skincare, self-care etc., and now looking forward to some retail therapy and a trip to a spa. On a recent trip to the shops, it was exciting to see all the gorgeous autumn/winter outfits and other shoppers enjoying themselves.

I love the longline soft woollen cardigans and boyfriend sized baggy jumpers - knee-high boots are back in, although I prefer ankle boots with jeans as they are easy to slip off and on. I'm ready to embrace my senior years with stylish soft puffa jackets, comfortable jeggings or drainpipe cords, plus a colourful scarf. I also love the Coastal look, as it transcends all age groups - bright polo's and gorgeous rugby style shirts are perfect all year round for a smart yet casual look.

I've never lost interest in bright, colourful clothing and believe we should all embrace colours that suit us, lift our spirits and make us feel gorgeous. The shirt featured is by POM Amsterdam, a young up-and-coming company that produces a beautiful clothes collection.

Since 2011, the sisters behind the POM Amsterdam brand, Liesbeth and Violet Lotgering, have been making high-quality scarves and clothing in which women feel beautiful and strong. Fashion items that emphasize unique femininity and with which you express your true, colourful self: Dare to be Colourful.

The collections consist of elegant and feminine styles characterized by contrasting colours, pronounced prints and the use of refined and natural fabrics. The sister's design all prints and items themselves. Each print tells a unique story and is hand-painted by Violet from the colourful studio in Amsterdam. With more than 800 points of sale worldwide, POM Amsterdam has grown into a successful international fashion brand that continues to surprise.

Thanks for checking in and reading my blog pages. This website is complementary to my natural soap and skincare -

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