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Soap - the beauty bar that's skin-kind

Are you considering switching from commercial skin-drying soap bars to natural vegan soap? Here is some information on why natural soap is becoming popular among discerning consumers.

Imagine how you feel after a great shower where your skin is clean, fragrant and soft. Now consider how much more invigorated you will feel when your soap contains only natural ingredients that gently cleanse and moisturise your skin.

There are a few reasons you should consider switching to vegan soap.

Glycerine-rich soap is generally longer-lasting, with natural, high-quality ingredients and sustainable packing. Natural soap can help improve skin prone to dryness, breakouts or itchy, sensitive skin. Our soap bars contain Olive Oil, Castor Oil, RSPO Palm Oil, and many other botanicals.

Vegan natural soaps contain safe ingredients that enhance your well-being, avoiding chemicals like parabens, sodium Laureth sulphate (SLES) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) found in regular soaps.

Vegan soap is cruelty-free and made using ingredients like fat and oils that come from vegetables and plants instead of those that come from animal fat derivatives. Here's a brief history of the traditional bar of soap courtesy of The Soap Kitchen.

Even before soap started to make an appearance, early civilisation looked to nature. The soapwort plant (Saponaria officinalis) was mixed and agitated with water giving rise to the first natural soap. Current interest or resurgence in natural skincare products has led to soap-making using only plant fats and plant-based alkalis and using only natural fragrances such as essential oils to add fragrance to the final product.

Soap in the mid-19th Century became a separate commodity from laundry soap which we now refer to as household detergents (modern petroleum-based detergents cannot, by law, be called soap). Laundry soaps were too strong and drying to be used on the skin but were more suited to cleaning hard surfaces and clothes.

We use soap daily to bathe, shower and wash our hands, and healthy skin starts with soap. Natural soap contains glycerine, an ingredient that locks moisture into your skin, keeping it hydrated for longer. In commercial soap production, glycerine is discarded or sold off and used to make other cosmetic products.

Over at Live Well Natural Skincare, we have twenty-four different soap bars in our shop, plus a few other delicious recipes in our soap-on-a-rope collection, and we now do gentleman's shaving soap. With a new range of Palm Free soaps launching this year, there's sure to be a bar that will tempt you.

I've been a fan of natural soap for years and buy French artisan bars on my travels to the South of France - my ultimate favourite Marseille soap!

These gorgeous soap bars, curated with 72% Olive Oil or sustainable Palm Oil, are skin-kind and brilliant for dry and sensitive skin. I love natural soap, and rather than buy lots of bars from France; I decided to set up my own business promoting Artisan English soap in late 2019.

My reasons for using natural soap:

  1. It's moisturising

  2. It's skin-kind for sensitive skin, Rosacea & Eczema

  3. It smells good

  4. It doesn't contain any chemicals or artificial fragrances

  5. It's a touch of luxury

  6. It makes you feel great

  7. It makes a thoughtful gift

  8. It's wholly natural and eco-friendly

  9. It gets you clean

What are yours?

Thank you for checking in and reading our posts. We always appreciate a comment or share. To see the entire collection of our Artisan Certified Vegan Soap & Skincare, please visit

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