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Practical solutions for hardworking hands.

Although hand care may not be everyone's primary concern, our hands are one of the first places to endure the brunt of the cold weather. Since the skin of our hands is particularly thin, it gets affected by exposure to the cold wind and air very quickly, and with that, problems such as dryness, irritation and sore chapped skin.

When washing your hands frequently to avoid picking up germs and viruses, you could be depleting whatever natural oils are in your skin.


We're all taught that thorough hand washing is our best defence against Winter viruses and bacteria, but constant washing of hands can dry weather-worn skin even further.

We'd like you to treat your hands to some much-needed TLC, so we're lending a helping hand (sorry) to suggest an excellent hand-care routine.


Opt for a mild natural glycerine-rich soap that contains no detergents.

Glycerine isn't added to Artisan soap but is a byproduct of soap-making.

Use warm water rather than hot and carefully work up a lather using a natural soap bar. Pat your hands dry and apply a small drop of our nourishing Shea butter hand cream to hydrate and protect. Whichever moisturiser you prefer to use on your hands, keep a tube or bottle next to the hand basin for easy use.


Did you know that products containing high levels of Shea butter give your skin up to 24-hour protection? But even so, it's best to apply moisturiser after every hand wash.

Shea butter is from the Shea nut and is an excellent moisturising agent for the skin. It's similar to cocoa butter and contains a high amount of lipids, making it a great natural product for nourishing and protecting the skin barrier.

Essentially, two ingredients do most of the work to keep your skin hydrated and soft: humectants and emollients.

Emollients act as lubricants and a barrier on the surface of the skin.

Humectants (found in glycerin-rich natural soap) draw moisture into the skin and help increase the water content of the skin's outer layer.

Our Shea Butter Hand Cream is beautifully moisturising and sinks in without leaving an oily residue.


If your hands have gone from dry to cracked with peeling knuckles, you need to consider a thicker product to help heal the skin.

Waterless balms are an excellent choice; just a little applied each night will give your skin time to absorb the balm and restore the condition of your skin.


If you exfoliate the skin on your face and body, it's beneficial to do the same on your hands. Exfoliate using a gentle scrub, such as olive oil and a little natural sugar. Don't exfoliate chapped or cracked skin.

Once a week, I mix up my exfoliant with a dessert spoon of our natural Epsom bath salts with a little Olive Oil - perfect for both my hands and feet!


Our Shea Butter Hand & Nail Cream is perfect for working into the nails and cuticles, as these parts of your hand can become dry and more prone to damage when we neglect them.

Ingredients in our Hand Cream:

Coconut Oil

Shea Butter

Macadamia Oil

Almond Oil Oil

Benefits of Shea Butter:

Intensely moisturising

Improves skin elasticity

Nourishes and softens skin

Vitamin A and E helps reduce signs of ageing

Skin barrier protection

Hardworking hands can also benefit from richly moisturising soap, such as our Rosemary, Lavender and Goats Milk and our new Pink Clay & Rose Geranium, which also contains Shea Butter.

As part of our nourishing handcare duo, we also have a tiny 12g pot of Lip & Cuticle Balm that is light, not greasy and helps soften those stubborn and raggedy cuticles. Moisturise cuticles regularly to prevent dryness and cracking.

Ingredients in our Cuticle Balm:

Calendula officinalis (Calendula Oil Extract)

Helianthus Annuus Oil (Sunflower Oil)

Prunus Amygdalus (Almond Oil)

Cacao Seed Butter (Cocoa Butter)

Benefits Of Calendula Oil:

Helps skin heal

Helps skin hydration

Skin-soothing properties

Calendula oil is created by infusing Marigold flowers in carrier oil, which is fantastic for sensitive skin sufferers.

All our products are GMP certified in a UK laboratory, and Good Manufacturing Practice is a legal requirement of the UK and the EU Cosmetics Regulations.

Thank you for checking in. Please leave any comments below, and to see the complete collection of organic-natural and certified vegan soap and skincare, please visit our sister website,


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