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Exercise for a glowing skin

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

A daily workout or brisk walk has many benefits for your skin. The short-term benefit is that it gives you an instant glow, and the boost to your circulation helps to slow down the skin-ageing process.

Regular exercise can help mitigate some skin problems - by working up a sweat, we release oils and bacteria that can cause acne and spots.

Studies have shown that participants who exercise more frequently have younger-looking skin. As our skin matures, it replaces cells more slowly and loses elasticity.

Even starting an exercise routine in later life still results in younger-looking skin.

Skin Protection

Before exercise, apply SFP (sunscreen) for outdoor activity and use a headband to keep hair out of your eyes and face.

Wear lightweight natural fibres like cotton so that when you sweat, the moisture is wicked away.

After strenuous workouts, use a facial mist to replenish the skin and hydrate with drinking water.

Certain types of exercise are as beneficial as our skincare routines, and resistance training with weights coupled with Yoga sessions is a good workout combo for boosting radiance.

If you're starting a fitness routine and want to start gently, cycling is highly recommended - you can go at your own pace. Cycling is excellent for all-around fitness and helps give that lovely glow.

Plumping the Skin

For plumping and firming, then a high-intensity interval workout is fantastic at reducing free radical damage and boosting collagen levels. Sweating helps the body remove toxins and impurities.

Any type of cardiovascular exercise that gets the heating pumping and improves your circulation is fantastic for the skin - don't forget to remove makeup before working out, though!

It's important to remember that caring for skin topically is also essential. After exercise, wash off the sweat, cleanse and moisturise to avoid clogged pores and dehydration.

Try our Marula Facial Oil for instant hydration and plumping. A natural facial serum containing a blend of Marula and Apricot oils helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles resulting in younger, more radiant skin. The combination of oils helps keep the skin hydrated for longer, giving the skin a healthy glow.

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