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Embracing a New Chapter: The Joy in Reaching 70

Updated: May 16

Smiling lady sitting next to a tree

Reaching 70 may be a significant factor for many women, but it's not the defining factor in my life. Most women in their 70s and beyond envision a vibrant and contented life where they have grown self-confidence, learned to thrive and feel comfortable in their skin. With decades of experience under their belts, their happiness stems from their self-assurance and compassion for others. This is a testament to their resilience and the empowerment that comes with age, a beacon of hope for those approaching their senior years.

Lady drinking tea with silver tabby cat

I have learned to use humour when presented with ageism and have developed a deep gratitude and appreciation for life. The immense joy I find in the simple things, like walking in the countryside, pottering in my garden, and spending time with my pets, family and grandchildren, is a constant reminder of the contentment that can be found in life's everyday moments. 

Lady holding large grey cat

Embracing a new chapter at 70, I appreciate all that life offers and look forward to the next decade. In the coming years, I plan to continue pursuing my hobbies, spending time with my loved ones, and learning new things. This appreciation for life's simple pleasures can bring anyone a sense of contentment and happiness, regardless of age.

Lady sat on sofa reading a book

My happiness is not dictated by my age but by my attitude toward it. A positive outlook on what I have is the key to my contentment. While health issues may arise, such as arthritis (and I recently broke my wrist), focusing on living life to the fullest means staying active, pursuing my hobbies, and maintaining strong relationships rather than fixating on my appearance, which is the path to true happiness.

It is important not to sweat the small stuff, to give up worrying when most of the things I have worried about never happened, and to understand what's essential in my life.

Lady relaxing on sofa with cup of tea

As I've aged, my body has undoubtedly experienced changes. However, I have found that joy in the things around me has given me inner peace. I learned a few crucial life lessons from my late mother, who never worried about ageing. She taught me the importance of self-acceptance and living according to my rules.

This lesson has been a source of reassurance and confidence, reminding me not to base my self-worth on digitally enhanced images of women in flashy magazines or society's obsession with ageing, botox, surgery or the latest bottle of the elixir of youth!

Smiling woman on a swing

The great thing about reaching my 70th year is that I no longer need to please everyone or wait for their opinions. I feel confident knowing I have a voice and place in society. I can be my best authentic self and look forward to learning new skills and opportunities. I've never felt better. 

Smiling ladies enjoying a glass of wine

Over the years, I've made many good friends, some of whom I've known since childhood, and a supportive husband, Kel, whose love has made my life richer. Kel has been my rock, always there to listen to my concerns and come up with great solutions when I've had any niggling worries.

I value good friends like Shelley, Jenny, Berny, Carol and Robin. They are my emotional health insurance, reminding me I am loved and appreciated. Having a millennial daughter keeps me young; she is my soul sister, and I know I can confide in her and always get the best advice.

Happy couple having dinner

Celebrating my 70th birthday with my wonderful daughter and family last month, I realised I've experienced greater happiness and sadness than I could have imagined at age 7. 

Smiling woman and young man in restaurant

The happiness I feel in reaching this milestone comes from a deeper appreciation of life's joys and the wisdom gained from life's lessons. These lessons include the importance of self-acceptance, the value of relationships, and the fleeting nature of time.

On the other hand, sadness stems from the loss of loved ones and the realisation of life's impermanence. However, I've also grown in wisdom and stored some beautiful memories, which I can regularly tap into.

Family group celebrating birthday

I've discovered how much easier it is to live the life I always wanted to in my senior years than when I was 30. And that, to me, is the true gift of ageing.

Reaching 70 is a privilege I embrace with open arms and plenty of laughter!

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