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Simple steps to declutter your wardrobe and free your mind

As the seasons change, it's a great time to declutter and clear out your wardrobe. Starting a new season with a tidy and decluttered wardrobe marks a fresh start. Organising your cupboards and drawers also symbolises new beginnings and change.

lady selecting outfit from wardrobe

Reduce Stress

My number one reason for sorting out wardrobes is to reduce the overwhelming feeling we get when we try to find something to wear and have too many clothes for the hanging space available. Cluttered and disorganised cupboards and wardrobes can increase stress.

carrying a pile of denham jeans

Simplifying your wardrobe or clearing out what doesn't work for the current season can help you see more of what you own, allowing you to create stylish outfits each morning with more ease. Clearing clutter can improve the energy flow in your home, contributing to a more positive and peaceful environment.

Boost Confidence

Wearing clothes that fit, flatter, and reflect your style can boost your self-esteem. The real victory lies in the sense of accomplishment you'll feel when you've completed this task. This achievement triggers a release of feel-good dopamine in your brain, reinforcing your control over your space. Making deliberate choices about what to keep or discard can feel empowering, reinforcing personal style and preferences.

Girls posing next to messy and tidy wardrobe

Letting go and clearing out old, worn-out, or unused items can symbolise letting go of the past and making room for new experiences and growth. This act of decluttering can be a powerful emotional release, as parting with items tied to specific memories can be emotionally freeing, helping you move forward. Remember, those items of clothing you love but in a size that no longer fits or flatters are not great for boosting your self-confidence.

picture of woolen jumper with hole

Enhanced Creativity

This is a big one, as it can be a small daily creative endeavour to challenge yourself to create a new outfit from what you already own. Too many women keep shopping for new items, even when their wardrobes are full because they want a hit of feel-good hormones you get when you shop. Yet, they don't need anything more, and you can get the same hit when you use your creativity and imagination to find new ways of wearing existing garments. A streamlined wardrobe encourages creativity, making mixing and matching pieces and developing unique looks easier.

girl selecting outfit from wardrobe

Efficient Wardrobe Management

This starts with investing in fitted wardrobes to maximise storage space. However, this is a significant investment; not all bedrooms have space to build fitted wardrobes. However, you can maximise the space by carefully using shelving, storage trays, or baskets within wardrobes.

Tidying a wardrobe

When reorganising your wardrobe, you can donate unwanted items to charity rather than landfill. Decluttering creates more space, making your wardrobe more manageable to navigate and maintain. Additionally, it's important to consider seasonal appropriateness. Removing out-of-season items to another wardrobe creates room for your weather-appropriate clothing, ensuring comfort and practicality.

Sorting out clothing for charity

Wardrobe Efficiency

Eliminating items that no longer fit or that you don't wear increases the efficiency of your wardrobe, making outfit selection quicker. Plus, when there is less in your wardrobe at any one time, you'll find that you have a little less maintenance as there is more room for your clothes to breathe rather than be completely crushed.

Fewer items in your wardrobe mean less time spent sorting, and you can see what you have at a glance.

Style Update

Clearing out old or outdated items lets you update your wardrobe to reflect trends or your personal style evolution. It may be time to check if you need an update, as style is a journey, not a destination. Our tastes and needs change over time, just as the seasons change.

Mindful Purchasing

Knowing what you have in your wardrobe will make you more mindful of future purchases, promoting more thoughtful and sustainable shopping habits. The roll-on effect is that you'll get an economic benefit, spending less because you're not buying duplicates of garments you'd forgotten you own. Plus, you may decide to sell or donate unwanted items, recouping some costs or supporting charitable causes with your donations.

Lady lying on pile of shopping bags

Once you know what you have, you can focus on the items that suit your shape, hair colouring, or personality and work for you and your lifestyle. You're not buying with a hit-and-miss approach because you took the time and made an effort to investigate what styles and colours suit you.

I had a real wardrobe blitz two years ago and was shocked to find 27 pairs of smart trousers! Although I live in trousers, I don't need 27 pairs, and as I'd gone up a size, I was able to gift some to charity. Two pairs still had their sale stickers on!

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Pam x

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Jul 04
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Thanks for inspiring me to get on and have a proper clearout. It's not something I'm looking forward to, but certainly a job that needs doing. Alice Thompson

Pam Land
Pam Land
Jul 05
Replying to

Thank you Alice.

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