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Riverside Cat Hotel - the purrfect holiday for cats.

Updated: Feb 3

I'm Pam, the creative and innovative spirit behind the business. Because of my lifelong passion for animals, I knew setting up a boarding cattery would bring me immense joy and satisfaction with a slower pace of life outside of the corporate environment I'd worked in for years.


With a wonderful old-fashioned childhood spent outdoors and with family pets, I wanted to create a modern home-from-home environment for all our guests where they would feel safe and cared for while their humans went on a holiday.

I started my research and submitted my application for planning consent in early 2007. Since the launch of my business in August 2008 and my husband joining the firm in 2022, we've been providing the highest standards of care and luxury accommodation for many gorgeous felines in the Wiltshire/Hampshire area.

Although Riverside Cat Hotel is a commercial business, we've also been involved in voluntary work with various cat charities, fostering cats and adopting several pre-loved cats from Cats Protection, the RSPCA and Blue Cross Animal Rescue.


Our cat hotel comprises 20 suites, a reception, and a kitchen. This luxury cat accommodation, designed by Pedigree Pens, still looks pristine after fifteen years!

We chose Pedigree Pens, a business accredited with the British Quality Standards Award, as all the materials used to build their catteries minimise the risk of spreading feline diseases and ensure our guests' comfort and safety. We are also environmentally friendly, as all building components can be fully recycled.

Each suite has a cosy bedroom with a half-glazed door so we can watch our guests with minimal disruption when they take a cat nap. The bedroom door has a large cat flap that leads onto a spacious run with a bespoke cat climber and viewing platforms.


Our cattery has been built using uPVC, glass, and steel, and with a solar reflective roof to ensure the perfect comfort for our guests. We've installed porcelain tiles to the floor, electric radiators, and double glazing in the bedrooms. It's safe to say it's cool in summer, cosy in winter, and our guests enjoy 5-star luxury holidays.


Riverside Cat Hotel offers superior cattery accommodation with adequate ventilation and fresh air. Bedrooms have trickle vents for ventilation, and litter trays are placed in the cat run to keep their bedrooms smelling nice. Trays are cleaned twice, ensuring your pet has a safe and hygienically clean environment to enjoy his holiday.


For a comfortable night's sleep, we chose Vetbed, which is brilliant animal bedding; fluffy, hygienic, and wicks away moisture; it's also highly recommended by vets. Each spacious cat suite is furnished with sturdy bespoke cat climbers made for us by Kitty Klimbers, so our guests can enjoy the garden views and lounge around or cat-nap.

Over the years, we've discovered what cats like or prefer when in a boarding environment. They love somewhere to perch and watch us at work and enjoy playtime sessions in our cat tunnels. A simple cardboard box is great for a game of hide-and-seek. They also want our company, and we spend time getting to know each of our guests and giving them the attention they deserve.


During the past fifteen years, we've had the pleasure of caring for a few long-stay boarders. With these cats, we've offered them extra attention, such as regular grooming sessions and a change of view, so they don't become bored.

Most cats enjoy gentle grooming as it helps them bond with their owner or carer. There's no charge for brushing, but this is a delicate, gentle brushing session, and we cannot provide professional grooming that removes matted hair.

All our cat suites overlook our gardens, and one is next to a mature apple tree where we've hung bird and squirrel feeders so cats can observe the activity. We also supply cat grass for long-term boarders, which helps stimulate digestion and allows cats to cough up hairballs.


We notice that cats settle into their new surroundings if their owners can spend time with them when they arrive at the cattery. Although we provide everything your pet will need for a comfortable stay, we encourage you to bring something familiar from home. This can be a favourite toy, bed, blanket, or even an old worn tea shirt or jumper of yours - if it has your scent, that will make them happy.

Your cat can enjoy a good stretch and scratching session on our Kitty Klimbers, but if he has a favourite scratching post at home, you are welcome to bring that with you.


Stress is a serious issue for cats - it can make them sick, hyperventilate (drool), or lose bladder or bowel control. In some cases, they can be reluctant to pass urine. These physiological changes occur in cats who are experiencing stress, and this can reduce their resistance to diseases.

A healthy environment for cats needs to be low-stress, so creating a home-from-home environment helps reduce some of the cat's anxiety when taken out of its familiar territory.

We apply Feliway to cat bedding and beds before a cat arrives, as this can help them feel calm and relaxed while they settle into their new environment.

We also advise not feeding your cat close to when you bring him over to us, as the journey can cause motion sickness, vomiting and diarrhoea.


Set in picturesque gardens, we have built our luxury cat hotel to the highest standards, and our heating and lighting run on solar power. We also strictly adhere to licencing guidelines regarding recycling and the safe disposal of waste.

In early 2023, we purchased our first business electric vehicle. This is charged using our on-site solar.


Riverside Cat Hotel has been awarded a 5-star rating from our licencing authority, Wiltshire Council. Since they began their star system, we've been granted the highest certification on each inspection and are rightly proud of our achievements.

We invest in our cattery by replacing worn-out play equipment, toys, bedding and beds. Building maintenance is carried out regularly, and we keep up-to-date on all things feline by observing and adhering to the guidelines published by the Institute of Environmental Guidelines for Cat Boarding Establishments.

Bedding and soft furnishings are washed with a non-biological, fragrance-free liquid detergent. Our brushes, cat litter trays, scoops, and plastic toys are regularly washed using pet-friendly disinfectants.


It's a given that cats can occasionally be faddy or fussy with their choice of food, but that's okay as although we love fish and chips, we certainly wouldn't want to eat it every day!

Besides raw or veterinary prescription diets, we can offer your pampered puss a variety of wet or dried food as we stock a good range of proprietary pet food brands plus treats such as tinned tuna, sardines or prawns.

However, we don't want your cat to experience a change to his diet while staying with us, so if you prefer to feed him his favourite brand, and we don't stock it, we ask you to supply enough so that he can enjoy his food while he stays with us. We have dedicated fridge-freezer facilities for your pets' raw or chilled-food diet.


We assure our customers that your beloved pet will get the best care in our luxurious cat hotel.

Our Amenities:

  • Individual spacious rooms that are designed for cats.

  • Hygienically cleaned daily using cat-friendly products.

  • Wood pellet biodegradable cat litter.

  • The choice of separate suites or interlinking rooms for cats from the same family.

  • Socialisation and Playtime.

  • Qualified staff to administer prescription medication/Diabetic insulin.

  • Carefully observe special needs cats, such as diabetic or blind & elderly cats.

  • Hi-tech cameras and smoke alarms.

  • Radiators and electric fans for a comfortable environment.

  • Two full-time staff living on-site.

  • A settling-in report and photo sent to owners via WhatsApp.

  • Natural light and security night-time lighting.

  • Secure double entry to the cattery creates a buffer zone, ensuring no cat can escape.

  • Garden views with shading provided by mature trees

  • Extensive feline menu with feeding times to suit each cat.

For further information, please visit

Whether this is your first visit to my website or you have been following me for some time, thank you for stopping by.

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Feb 17
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

This is where I've been taking my cats for years. Lovely cattery, very clean and nearby so easy to drop off before I go to work. Anne L

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