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Early Years, Part One - 1958-1964

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

It's funny that, when I look back at my earlier life, wonderful and funny holiday memories often bubble up to the surface. I spent those early childhood holidays with the most extraordinary people; my parents.

It was a carefree and relatively happy childhood and our annual camping holiday was a golden opportunity to be free of the mundane distractions of everyday life.

My favourite holiday memories are camping in the UK (no money for fancy hotels) and later spending holidays in a small caravan Dad towed around the British Isles. Having to pop to the toilet in some cold ablution block far from the tent was terrifying as a small child, especially as I had phobias of daddy longlegs and most creepy crawlies.

I was seven years old, travelling across the highlands of Scotland with our small caravan in tow - peering out of the windows and excited by the adventures ahead. I was happy to stay inside our caravan, colouring pens to hand and a set of Lego to keep me amused when the wild Scottish weather prevented us from venturing far.

Rock pooling and donkey rides on Blackpool beach are such beautiful memories. As a small child, Dad introduced me to rock pools, where we would catch small crabs, inspect them, and then let them go. We'd spend hours making fancy sandcastles and then feeling sad that all our hard work would be washed away once the tide came in.

My Mum would put together a fabulous picnic. We would all sit on a travel blanket to eat our lunch, mainly shrimp or chicken paste sandwiches, a bottle of lemonade, and a chocolate waggon wheel; who remembers those?

The big dipper at Blackpool always terrified me - I'd stand below holding onto Mum's hand and listen to all the other folk enjoying themselves but screaming all the same.

Life was more straightforward and uncomplicated in the 1950s and early '60s. My parents' love of camping allowed me to appreciate nature and the great outdoors. I only have to be near the British seaside to slip back in time, and all those wonderful childhood memories come flooding back.

Pam x

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